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This blog is directed towards the business students of Sekolah Vokasional Sultan Bolkiah undertaking Pre-National Diploma in Business and Finance for Working in Organisation unit and National Diploma in Business and Finance (Year 1) for Enterprise Planning unit.

This can also act as a resource site to obtain notes or information and any other updates with respect to each unit. Students are also invited to contribute any comments or ideas and ask questions with regards to the new topics which will be posted and which had been discussed early on during class.

I hope this blog can be a platform for the students to expose them to the usefulness of technology in their learning process.


Carry out an analysis of a market demand

Dear NDBNF12,

Today, we have covered the topic on to carry out an analysis of a market demand. There are many issues and questions to be answer in setting up/running your business. The questions such as:

  • What are you offering?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Where is your market?
  • How big is that market?
  • What is happening in the market?
  • What are customers looking for?
  • What should customers buy what you offer?
  • Who are your competitor?
Therefore, you need to be aware of the above as to make sure that you will be running your business effectively and smoothly.  As for your next activity, I have decided for your group to create a website / blog /Facebook etc. for your imaginary business that you have formed/set up. Its up to your group what information that you want to include in the site. The main important thing is that this site must be real and people know about their existence.
Hope to see your site. k Bye..:D

Office Layout

Dear PDBNF13,

Before we decide which type of office layout, we need to consider all/some of the following factors:

  • Are you troubled with deciphering the exact needs required when planning & designing your office space?
  • How do you distinguish what office furniture is needed?
  • Which would suit your needs best: a desk, work-station, or portable desk unit?
  • Are you under estimating or over estimating the amount of space you will require?
  • What is your working style?
  • Do you have a tendency to “spread out” when you work?
  • Do you like things out of sight?
  • Are you more of a visual person?
  • Are you currently juggling space for your computer & papers all in the same work area?
  • How much lighting is needed to work more efficiently & effectively?
  • What type of lighting do you prefer?
  • How much space will be needed for storing surplus supplies?
  • How extensive a file system will you need?
  • Do you invest in lateral or vertical file cabinets?
  • How do you calculate future growth & space needs when planning your office?

Here is the notes : TOPIC 8 for our next meeting. Hope you will have a look and go through in every inch of the notes. If there is any difficulties in understanding it, please do raise your problems and we’ll discuss it in the class.

For your tutorial : Activity Office Layout

Till then, bye 😀

Feedback on the presentation : Vision, Mission & Goals

Last Monday, you have done your presentation on the topic of Vision, Mission & Goals. I do hope you all understood and have an idea of what the topic is all about. The purpose of the this activity besides you to be independent, was also to enhance and improve your communication skills as well as to guide you on how to find relevant/important for the topic.

Below is the link some comment that need to be look at for each of the group.

Feedback from presentation


Why you Choose this Coverage?

Dear NDBNF12,

Earlier today, we have touched on the comment/research of your insurance coverage of your imaginary business. We have discussed the points on each of the group’s research/comments. Now, as the continuation of this, I want your feedback on the “Why do you choose this type of coverage?”.

Again, used your group to discuss and brainstorm the above question. You answer must be in relation to the coverage that you have chosen and to give example.

In addition to this, this morning also, we also touched on the sub-topic of using IT in the office and some of software /application that is used in companies. For your task, I want you to give me the information about “What software/applications that you will be using for your company/shops besides what we have cover this morning.

Till then, bye..:D

Vision, Mission & Goals of an organisation

Dear PDBNF13,

Vision, Mission & Goals…..ever heard of this terms?……

What is your understanding by the term Vision, Mission and Goals of an organisation?What is their effect toward an organisation?Is only applied to BIG or small organisation/individuals?Do we have to or MUST or IGNORE the vision, mission or the goals of our company?and so on…

For our meeting next week, I want you to gather as much as information as possible relating to the above topic. I have decided to ask you to do 15-20 minutes presentation on the above topic. For group division, you don’t have to worry because, “sir voluntarily” already decide the group members. 🙂

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Khairil Aiman Nursabrina Satesh Mohd Afif
Nazirah Rosita Nuraziemah Nurul Amal Isyamimi
Dyg Aliana Khairunnisa Syahmi Nur’izzah Ashikin
Mohd Afif Mohd Nazirul Abdul Amzari Norhazirah
Nurbazilah Delwan Mizwar Rebecca Cynthia Dewi
Viviyanti Masrullyana Nurul Norardiana Siti Norhidayah

I hope by doing this presentation, you will have some ideas about the topic and will improve your team spirit. By the way, you can upload the notes for your references by clicking this link : TOPIC 7. In the meantime, you can check out this link : watch?v=vbMmPsj9S2Y to differentiate vision, mission and goals of an organisation.

See you next week. Cheer..:D



Identify the operational resources & planning issues

Dear NDBNF12,

One of the important things before your business goes in action, is that, to identify the operational resources & planning issues. PREMISES is one of the most important decision affection the success of a business organisation. For local businesses, they need to decide on the best location within a particular town or location, national business need to decide on the best spot in the country and for international companies they will try to search all over the world for the right location. Another one will be the COST, sometimes become factor when choosing a location. Again, in choosing the best location, there are factors to consider such as distant to market, availability of raw material, transport cost, safety and etc.

Yesterday, i gave you one group activity relating to insurance coverage. I have asked you to conduct a research on insurance coverage. Find out what type of insurance coverage that you need to apply when opening up a business. The best thing you need to do is to visit the insurance companies and get their brochure or asked directly for suggestion to the insurance officers regarding the insurance.

Therefore, by Wednesday this week, I need you to post your answer at this blog on what you have gathered and to present it in the next meeting. Till then, see you guys next week.



Presentation on Public, Private & Voluntary Organisation

Dear PDBNF13,

First of all, I want to say “Well done’ and good job for the tremendous presentation that you have this afternoon. I hope from the presentation, you will have an idea of what is Public, Private & Voluntary Organisation is all about. But, bear this in mind, there are several differences between Public, Private and Voluntary Organisation.  Don’t make yourself confuse with the 3 terms and their differences.

Next week, I will touched a little bit about the above topic and make sure you are well prepare with the answer. Hopefully, we have enough time to have quiz session. By the meantime, I have gave you the notes, therefore, I expect all of you to read and if you have any question/doubt, please make use of this blog for discussion.

Before I forget, just a soft reminder to all of you, all the presentation and the activity that you have done as well as your participation in this blog so far is being assessed by me. Therefore, for those who feel that they are not ‘involved’, please do watch out.

Till then, bye.